Cincinnati CDL Drivers - Interested in Local Trucking Jobs?

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 7/23/14 3:24 PM


We're having a Driver Open House in Cincinnati and you're invited!! 

We’re inviting all Class A CDL drivers to join us for an OPEN HOUSE at our branch office in Cincinnati, OH to find out more about Driving Ambition and the job opportunities that we have available. We'll also be serving FREE FOOD and REFRESHMENTS!

Driving Ambition is now offering HIGHER STARTING WAGES and WEEKLY PAY GUARANTEES for all CLASS A DRIVERS! Driving Ambition also offers affordable benefits, paid holidays, paid vacations, 401k plan, and referral bonuses.

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Driving Ambition Simply Makes Sense!

Posted by Jennifer Quigley

on 7/22/14 2:15 PM

If you aren’t working with Driving Ambition, why not? It makes PERFECT sense when you think about it. The times they are a-changing, and so is the transportation industry. With the Hours of Service changes, a painful driver shortage, and the continuing pressures of CSA, more and more drivers and carriers are turning to Driving Ambition. Here’s why. makes_sense-1

Drivers are looking for a solid employer – one that’s responsive to their goals, interests and needs. Because we work with more than 700 LOCAL and regional carriers, we offer a VARIETY of driving assignments and FLEXIBLE schedules. As a result of our NO-FORCED DISPATCH, our drivers are in control of when and how much they work. They’re not required to have their days off approved. If they want to go on a vacation or just need to take a few days off, they simply notify us in advance – no questions asked.

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ATA Shows Off National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Logo

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 7/11/14 12:57 PM


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Trucking Safety Begins and Ends with Leadership

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 7/8/14 3:51 PM

SOMEONE GETS IT! Safety begins and ends with leadership

by Mark G. Gardner, CEO, Founder at Avatar Management


We often read articles on trucking safety that demonstrate confusion and ignorance when it comes to safety. We’ve written countless articles on the subject, trying to inform and educate that safety is ‘freedom from risk.’ Our white paper, The Perversion of Safety In Trucking, explains the genesis of the problem: government regulations. So when we see an informative article by someone who ‘actually gets it,’ we’re thrilled.

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Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions About Human Trafficking

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 7/1/14 3:24 PM


Myths and Misconceptions About Human Trafficking and How Trucking Can Help

To effectively combat human trafficking, each of us needs to have a clear "lens" that helps us understand what human trafficking is. When this lens is clouded or biased by certain persistent misconceptions about the definition of trafficking, our ability to respond to the crime is reduced.  It is important to learn how to identify and break down commonly-held myths and misconceptions regarding human trafficking and the type of trafficking networks that exist in the United States.

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High Profile Walmart Truck Crash Ignites Arguments Over HOS Amendments

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 6/12/14 11:51 AM


Update 6/20/14: NTSB says driver involved in Tracy Morgan crash was speeding

Federal investigators with the National Transportation and Safety Board said in a June 19 preliminary report that the Walmart truck that hit Morgan's vehicle was traveling 65 mph - 20 mph over the limit. The report also said the electronic logs show the driver was within federal limits of driving 14 hours per day on the clock.

"The driver failed to observe slow-moving traffic ahead, he observed at the last minute — just prior to impact — the limo bus carrying Morgan and his party." NJ STATE POLICE SGT. FIRST CLASS GREGORY WILLIAMS

"The facts are continuing to unfold. If it's determined that our truck caused the accident, Walmart will take full responsibility. Safety is our absolute highest priority, but that is no comfort whatsoever to the families and friends who are suffering today. We offer them our deepest condolences. We can't change what happened, but we will do what's right for the family of the victim and the survivors in the days and weeks ahead." BILL SIMON, PRESIDENT OF WALMART

Walmart Truck Driver Pleads Not Guilty to Vehicular Homicide Charges

Walmart driver Kevin Roper has pleaded not guilty to the vehicular homicide and assault by auto charges filed against him in the June 7 crash that killed comedian James McNair and critically injured actor Tracy Morgan. 

Roper was driving a Wal-Mart truck early Saturday when he allegedly swerved to avoid slowed traffic on the turnpike and plowed into Morgan's limo.

The 45-year-old Morgan suffered a broken femur, a broken nose and several broken ribs. His friend and fellow comedian James McNair was killed, and two other passengers were seriously injured.

Investigation Underway Over Allegations that Roper Had Not Slept for More Than 24 Hours Before the Deadly Crash

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Drivers Beware! Summer Hazards Have Arrived

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 6/10/14 1:05 PM

vacation-resized-600  pedestrian-resized-600  bicycling


Warm Weather + More People = More Hazards

The start of the summer vacation season brings out more drivers and more hazards. As everyone tries to get in their family vacation, the roadways will no doubt be filled with motorists that are often fatigued, pushing beyond their own limits of endurance and capability.

Things to remember about vacationers:

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The Many Benefits of Improving Truck Driver Health

Posted by Betty Van Huizen-Couture

on 6/5/14 1:00 PM

Article by Betty Van Huizen-Couture, VP of Clinical Services, HEALTHeSIGNALS

I recently gave a presentation on why trucking companies should improve driver health, and how to do it. A simple statistic set the audience back on its heels and, in a grim way, suggested yet another reason for this country’s persistent shortage of truck drivers — an average life expectancy of only 61 years. 

That figure was arrived at by taking the 63-year life expectancy of a typical U.S. male unionized trucker and combining it with the 55.7-year life expectancy of members of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association — gloomy statistics provided by the article “Worksite-Induced Morbidities Among Truck Drivers in the United States,” which appeared in 2010 in the journal of the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses. The article went on to note that, by comparison, the general male population’s life expectancy is 75.1 years.

Fortunately, trucking leaders are in a position to turn this trend around.

The benefits of improving driver health and how companies can help...

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Columbus CDL Drivers - You're Invited to Our OPEN HOUSE!

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 6/3/14 12:36 PM


Our last Open House in Columbus was so successful that we decided to have another!!! 

We’re inviting all Class A CDL drivers to join us for an OPEN HOUSE at our branch office in Grove City, OH to find out more about Driving Ambition and the job opportunities that we have available. We'll also be serving FREE FOOD and REFRESHMENTS!


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Newly Proposed Coercion Rule Designed to Protect CDL Drivers

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 5/22/14 10:26 AM

A rule designed to protect CDL drivers


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has published a notice of proposed rulemaking to prohibit motor carriers, shippers, receivers, or brokers from coercing drivers to operate commercial motor vehicles in violation of certain provisions of the FMCSA Regulations.

The rules are aimed in particular at preventing abuse concerning driver hours of service, the commercial driver’s license, drug and alcohol rules, and hazardous materials rules.

The proposal was ordered by Congress in the 2012 highway law, MAP-21, in response to longstanding driver concerns that carriers and others are often indifferent to the operational restrictions imposed by the safety rules, the FMCSA said. “The consequences of their refusal to continue working are either stated explicitly or implied in unmistakable terms: loss of a job, denial of subsequent loads, reduced payment, denied access to the best trips,” the agency said.service, the commercial driver’s license, drug and alcohol rules, and hazardous materials rules. 

The FMCSA is proposing to specifically prohibit carriers and others from threatening drivers with loss of work or other economic opportunity for refusing to work because to do so would cause them to break the rules.

What exactly is coercion?

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