Get your FREE tickets to the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS)

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 1/29/15 11:39 AM


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FMCSA Says Driver Sleep Apnea Screening Decision at Discretion of Medical Examiners

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 1/27/15 2:17 PM


FMCSA's new clarification on sleep apnea

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has published a bulletin to medical examiners on the FMCSA’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners of the current physical qualifications standard and advisory criteria concerning the respiratory system. Specifically, the bulletin addresses how the requirements apply to drivers that may have obstructive sleep apnea.

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Top Reasons Drivers are Involved in Winter Related Accidents

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 1/21/15 11:48 AM


Winter can cause many problems. Whether it's rain, freezing rain, wind, or snow, truck drivers must be prepared to face the hazardous winter driving conditions the season brings. Without proper preparation, these conditions can cause senseless losses to your bottom line - losses in both equipment and in worker's compensation claims.   

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Safe Driving Tips to Reduce Crash Risk During Slick Winter Months

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 1/14/15 4:30 PM


Here are some tips drivers can use to help reduce the risk of a crash while driving in the winter:

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Non-Driving Winter Safety Tips For Truck Drivers

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 1/7/15 1:07 PM


The snow has arrived and many trucking companies experience a spike in workers' compensation claims during the winter months as a direct result of winter hazards that are completely unrelated to driving a truck. Statistics show 48% of all injuries occurs in the winter; 63% of injury costs result from winter events (note: bear injuries not included). Icy running boards, steps, and trailer decks account for thousands of slip-and-fall accidents. While most acccidents are relatively minor, every year a few drivers are paralyzed for life from these incidents.

Reduce your risk of injury this winter with these safety tips:

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Truck Drivers and Carriers Benefit From Temp-to-Hire Trucking Jobs

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 12/30/14 11:56 AM

The ever-increasing expense of hiring CDL drivers is forcing companies to operate with tighter budgets and look at other driver recruiting options that are cost effective. More and more carriers are now taking advantage of Temp-to-Hire programs to ensure they’re making solid hiring decisions.

For customers, our Temp-to-Hire program allows customers to try out a driver before making a permanent, full-time employment offer. Customers are able to decide first-hand whether or not a driver will be a good fit with their company, rather than relying simply on background reports and employment verifications. Driving Ambition drivers have a leg up on the competition by getting in front of quality carriers ahead of drivers applying on their own. DA_photo

For drivers, our Temp-to-Hire program allows drivers to try out a customer before accepting such an offer. In the past, several drivers have commented on their employment history. Many try to explain why they had brief employment stints with various companies. Reasons such as, “I was promised I would be home every weekend, but I was only getting home once a month,” or “I was told they had plenty of work to keep me busy, but I’m only working two to three days a week.” In the meantime, the drivers’ employment history begins to look “cluttered” and potential employers could view them as “job hoppers.”

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34-Hour Restart Provisions Are Officially Suspended

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 12/17/14 11:17 AM



Late last night, Dec.16th, President Barack Obama signed the appropriations bill suspending the restrictions imposed on drivers using the 34-hour restart.

What does this mean? 


  1. Drivers utilizing the 34-hour restart do NOT have to include two consecutive periods off-duty between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. As long as a driver is off for 34 consecutive hours, regardless of the time of day, the driver can reset the weekly clock.
  2. Drivers may take the 34-hour restart multiple times per week. They are no longer restricted to taking the restart only once every 168 hours (or seven days).

These revisions to the restart rule will be in place through September 30, 2015, which will give Congress additional time to reconsider the restart requirements as part of the highway reauthorization legislation next year. All other parts of the 34-hour restart remain in place in the meantime.  


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The Challenging Future of the Trucking Industry

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 12/5/14 11:38 AM



The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), the trucking industry’s not-for-profit research organization, released a white paper that highlights a challenging future for the trucking industry based on demographic data and a dramatic shift in the age of the industry’s driver workforce. The findings document implications for the ongoing driver shortage.  

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How to Help Keep Truck Drivers Safe This Winter

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 12/2/14 12:41 PM


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Finding Truck Drivers In A Tight Labor Pool

Posted by Liz Wallace

on 11/24/14 12:05 PM


HireRight recently hosted a valuable webinar on this important topic with over 800 attendees signed up to learn how they could solve their most pressing problem: finding good truck drivers.

Interestingly, they called the webinar, How To Find Drivers In A Tight Labor Pool. The title reflects an industry-wide paradigm. Everyone seems to think the solution to the driver problem is to simply throw more money and effort at driver recruiting. But that’s a zero sum game where everyone loses.

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