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Thousands of Truck Drivers Tell Us How to Attract and Retain Drivers

How do I attract drivers? 

In a survey recently published by National Retail Systems Inc., it’s no surprise that 79 percent of the thousands of drivers polled nationwide agreed that salary was most important when choosing a job. But that’s not all…

As a truck driver what most attracts you to a job? 

As a truck driver what most attracts you to a job? (Please select up to 3). New Equipment 47%; Salary 79%; Company Reputation 31%; Home Time 67%; Benefits 52%; Sign-on bonus 13%; Location 36%; Type of run 32%; Training 11%; Not Sure 2%

David Bullins, NRS’ east coast recruitment officer for truck driver jobs, said, “It used to be that regional and long-haul drivers were making better money, but now with the new hours of service they are required to have more downtime.”

“That downtime ultimately means less money so drivers are now making the push to become local drivers instead. Since drivers cannot run like they used to home-time has now become a higher priority,” said Bullins.

Focus on retention.

Respondents said that low pay, lack of respect and not enough home time are reasons why drivers leave the industry.

“Companies are spending thousands if not millions of dollars per year towards advertising truck driver jobs instead of addressing some of the root causes of the truck driver shortage,” says Chris Saville, NRS marketing director.

Where do drivers go to find truck driving jobs?

Internet 79%; Newspaper/Magazine 4%; Hiring Fair 1%; Flyers 1%; Truck Stop 1%; Referral 11%; Other 3%

The complete survey by NRS can be found here.


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